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Self-esteem is the positive and negative assessment of the self and in what ways person feel about it. It has an impact on one's overall well-being and his/her own reverence or worth. Social Psychology enunciates Self-esteem. Researches affirm that it impacts the particular consequences or outcomes like, any accomplishment academically or professionally. People's presumptions and convictions about themselves, positive or negative are all part of Self-esteem. People face and experience different type of difficulties in their life and they deal with it in a highly negative consequences which can be short term or long term.

High self-esteem of a person shows he has a positive approach towards his beliefs and convictions. On the other hand, a low self-esteem is the depiction of negative views and beliefs about yourself. Self-esteem is related to respect and admiration. Due to lack of confidence in yourself you will doubt your capability to be successful. You probably are self-doubting and have a pessimistic approach due to which you believe in others cynical views about you. You have to understand your capabilities and where your confidence lack, you lost to put your efforts in achieving something. A person with high self-esteem will ratify and approve of any criticism from others and will not be resentful or enraged. You have to develop self-awareness to know about your strengths and weaknesses. You need to hike up your confidence and have faith in yourself to attain the aims you have appointed for yourself and thrive. Rather then holding others responsible for your downfalls, you need to take charge of yourself and boost your confidence level. You need to break through the negative energy and false believes and reflect positively to enhance your self-esteem.

There are some important notions: Self-efficacy that one has the capability of thinking, learning and taking good decisions. Self-respect that one has the right to live happily and with confidence in order to attain the goals that you have set for yourself and be successful. Self-esteem is a fundamental human characteristic and it is required for positive, normal and healthy development. Affirmative self-esteem is producing the strength, confrontation and capability of restoration. Low self-esteem reduces the tendency of resiliency of facing misery in life.

A person feels safe inside if they have genuine confidence in their abilities. The traits of people having high self-esteem are:

They are inclined to be more purposeful if they are truly confident and are psychologically, emotionally, and piously steady. They have the will to explore and experience and have a forward approach towards themselves.
They have fostered the aptitude of setting goals for themselves. They aim for it and accomplish them with their self-assurance.
They are assertive and genuine in their communication and are open with others.
They have developed the ability of being in sincere relationships.
They have elevated self-regard, self-confidence and have the capability of being captivating.

The traits of people having low self-esteem are:

They are scared of transformations, lack motivation and achieve less. They are uncertain lacks determination.
They are not clear about their feelings, ideas and actions due to which they have poor intercommunication skills.
They have the tendency of being apprehensive in their relationships and other matters.

There are six key factors of self-esteem are:

You are well aware of the actions you want to take and you have to take. You must have the understanding of what you are passionate about and what you aim for.
You have to appreciate yourself and develops self-accepting tendency.
You have to take accountability and understand that you are the brains of your own behaviors and preferences. You have to recognize your needs, wishes and analyze them.
You have set your aims and goals and discover the right path to achieve them.
You have to keep you attitude right and be true to yourself.

A high self esteem helps you into building strong, content and long lasting relationships. It is essential to love yourself first and then having a peaceful relationship. If you lack confidence it is tough to build stable relations or any kind of matter in life.