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Misbah Khan

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Desigantion: Therapeutic Counsellor

Misbah Khan, a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor from Redbridge Institute of Adult Education, United Kingdom, began her career with a passion to support psychologically depressed individuals in the UK. She is a registered member of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, her work has transitioned over the years and her current interests include private counselling practice and consultation in terms of specific interest in supporting adults who feel they go through life not being enough, low self-esteemed individuals having feelings that their life becomes a struggle for them, lacking purpose and motivation, feeling insignificant and unheard to the rest of the world anger, anxiety stress management, self-confidence, value clarification, emotional intelligence, Communication Problems and self-identity related problems.


Misbah Khan utilises her counselling process through “Cognitive and emotions focused therapy” on adults to reframe their view of self, regain control of how they think and feel, and reconnect to those parts of themselves that can endure change, and feel joy.  Misbah is now also training various corporate and non corporate sector clients in creating a stronger sense of self identity and cultivating a culture of leadership qualities within the individuals she connects with.


She is also a regular guest on national radio show and TV channels sharing her knowledge on topics related to psychology and its effectiveness in the society.