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To transform lives by providing high quality individualized accessible and affordable treatment that is evidence based and localized to suit our population. To educate and engage families and public on addiction prevention and stigma reduction leading to social recovery.


To lead the industry by providing state of the art addiction and mental health treatment services.


Respect dignity and families training. Innovation and excellence.  Partnership and teamwork.  Holistic, individualized evidence based approach

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Our team is comprised of well-qualified doctors and psychologists that are available 24/7 for the care of the patient. We make the patient our priority and give them the care that they need. Explore our Team and feel free to contact our experts.

Dr Musarrat Afzal

Dr.Musarrat Afzal

Registrar (Psychiatry Department)
Dr Khwaja Mohammad Younas Khan

Dr.Khwaja Muhammad Younas Khan

Consultant Psychiatrist

Our Success Stories

Clients Review

I would like everyone to know that LifeLine helped my daughter find herself and showed her the way to live a sober life. I was in a bad place when my daughter fell into the drug scene. I didn’t think it would happen to my family, but it did and LifeLine helped save her life.

LifeLine also helped me save my life. They were there to hear my frustration and to get her help. If it wasn’t for LifeLine, only God knows where she would be. Thank you LifeLine Rehab Centre for keeping my daughter out of prison and or a cemetery.

Mr. Shafiq Ahmed

Father of the Patient

In November of 2017 my life had completely fallen apart. I was broken down and hopeless. Everything that mattered to me was taken away and I had no idea how to fix the destruction that my drug use had caused.

As the result of good fortune, I ended up at LifeLine Rehab Center. It is hard to put into words what the staff at LifeLine has done for me. They helped me to see the reality of my actions and I slowly started to realize how delusional and warped some of my beliefs were. This mental shift is what helped me to change my behavior and ultimately, change my life.

Mr. Asif Nawaz (Islamabad)


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TAJ House, Durani Street, Jinnah Road,Bani Gala, Islamabad.

Lifeline Pakistan is the leading addiction and psychiatric treatment centre in Pakistan. our services include rehabilitation services, counselling services, psychiatric services and corporate management trainings.

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TAJ House, Durani Street, Jinnah Road,Bani Gala, Islamabad.

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