What Does Withdrawal Look Like?

Due to the complexity of addiction, most people are often unaware of what withdrawal looks like. Withdrawal from addictive behaviors and substances can lead to a myriad of different symptoms depending on the pharmacological and behavioral mechanisms of the behavior/substance.…

The Science Behind Happiness

Happiness is an elusive concept. Scientists and experts have grappled with the concept of happiness for years, hoping to understand and uncover the secrets to happiness. Harvard professor, Daniel Gilbert, who is widely recognized for his best seller, Stumbling on…

How is Addiction Diagnosed?

Over the centuries, mental health professionals have tried to perfect how different disorders are diagnosed. These classification systems serve as guidelines for psychologists and psychiatrists to describe, categorize and diagnose mental disorders. However, simply consulting a book is not all…

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a condition in which a person develops bio-psycho-social dependence on any mood altering substance. An addiction causes a person to often use the drug as a crutch for short-term gratification. The price often paid by the individual is…

Lifeline Pakistan is the leading addiction and psychiatric treatment centre in Pakistan. our services include rehabilitation services, counselling services, psychiatric services and corporate management trainings.

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