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Wajid Suliman

IT and Graphic Expert

I do not have any work in the near world impossible , it requires hard work and brain.

Miss Mehwish zulfiqar

Miss Mehwish Zulfiqar

Clinical Psychologist
Maria Masud

Miss Maria Mahsud

Clinical Psychologist
Miss Horiya

Miss Horiya Shaikh

Clinical Psychologist
Mr Mudassir Khatak Clinical Psychologist

Mr Mudassir Khatak

Clinical Psychologist
Miss Nimra Ziad

Miss Nimra Ziad

Clinical Psychologist
Miss Sania

Miss Sania Tabassum

Clinical Psychologist
Miss Ayesha Rasheed

Miss Ayesha Rasheed

Lead Clinical Psychologist
Dr Asif Medical Officer

Dr Asif

Medical Officer
Dr Khwaja Mohammad Younas Khan

Dr.Khwaja Muhammad Younas Khan

Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Musarrat Afzal

Dr.Musarrat Afzal

Registrar (Psychiatry Department)

Lifeline Pakistan is the leading addiction and psychiatric treatment centre in Pakistan. our services include rehabilitation services, counselling services, psychiatric services and corporate management trainings.

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